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2" Blue Chalcedony Heart

2" Blue Chalcedony Heart


Chalcedony has the power to soothe self doubt and bring inner peace to the owner. Helps calm and center emotional energy. If you get worried easily, this is the gem for you. The perfect trinket to keep on you, or to share with a friend to promote brotherhood and optimism. Buy 1, or 4. Either way you are right. A glimmer of hope in today’s uncertain times, Chalcedony is the perfect companion for anyone looking to promote inner peace and emotional balance. Transform your environment with its calming energies, and keep it close for times when you need a reminder of the power of brotherhood, optimism, and self-confidence. With Chalcedony, it's easy to bring a sense of harmony into your life.


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Care Instructions

Keep in dry place.

Dust lightly with microfiber towel when needed.

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