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  • Hi, I'm Smash!

    You can call me Ashley, or Smash. I'm not your mother so don't call me ma'am. I'm a 38 year old, survivor, wife, and mother to 2, trying to find my place in this world. I've been drawn to starting my own business for years but needed a direction. While contemplating my future, my maximalist home spoke to me. "Sell us," the knick knacks said. Now, I'm listening. I hope you enjoy these oddities as much as all their owners before you.

  • My "WHY"

    These are my people. They are my "WHY".

    Meet my heart, Mike, Charlie, and Emma.

    Together, we make up the most eccentric, neurospicy, fun loving, 4- pack of weirdos, this side of the Mississippi.

    Midwesterners, born and raised, but wanders at heart.

    We're not lost, just not found yet either. ❤️

  • Animal Gang

    We can't forget our wild, band of four legged friends. In order of attitude:

    Penelope - 16 yo Puggle- 2007-2023

    Poppy Louise - 3 yo Puggle- Our leading lady

    * Afraid of her shadow * Loves to give hugs * Hates the water

    Cheech - 4 yo baby tiger/ European shorthair

    * Sleeps inside all day, explores the neighborhood all night * Expertise hunter of wild, suburban rodents * Expects fresh, wet, tuna upon demand.

    Scottie Pippen - Doofus Puggle puppy

    * Leaps before he looks * Baby Ewok * Future big boy

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